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Project from ASP Architekten, Stuttgart

The new building of the elementary school with a three-field sports hall, Tauchaer Straße, is to form a spatially clearly defined school campus as a new center. The main hall welcomes the students and forms the central communication point of the building. The building appears as a two-story structure. The building is divided into two wings. The west-facing wing contains the school and all classrooms, distributed over two levels. The east-facing wing contains the gymnasium, which is also accessible via a separate entrance. The widening of the corridors (niches, extended recreation zones) creates a wide variety of and an open and communicative atmosphere with exciting views. exciting visual references. Two inner courtyards provide light to the classrooms in the school building wing. An elevator connecting all levels ensures barrier-free access to all rooms. accessibility of all rooms. The close proximity of all the functional areas creates a lively and inviting inviting building for students and teachers. The foyer connects both floor levels and provides this center with daylight. It a bright, friendly interior with an inspiring atmosphere. Connecting walkways are designed as wide room zones and offer areas for stay, learning islands, exhibition space, etc. From the entrance to the sports hall, a staircase leads staircase leads directly to the level of the sports hall. Here, in a central location, there is a flexible event and sports area. The outdoor recreation areas for students and teachers are located in diverse break areas and are located away from the noise of the adjacent residential buildings. The sports field is located next to the playground and can be used temporarily as a break area. and can also be used temporarily as a break area if required. To the south of the playground, there is a new south of the playground, a new footpath connection to the residential area is planned.

Primary School


Status: Competition

Date: 2021

Site: Leipzig, Germany

Size: 5200 sqm

Client: City of Leipzig

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