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Project from Blocher Partners, Stuttgart

Rosenstein Quarter is a mixed-use quarter in the north of Stuttgart comprising apartments, offices, and retail, to be built on an area of around 6,700 m2. The Project, consisting of three buildings, will include rental apartments, micro-apartments, offices, as well as commercial space. Each use is assigned its own section, from micro-apartments and rental flats through to offices. Green spaces in the traffic-free courtyard, a café and food store create meeting places and make for a vibrant community. Greened roofs with photovoltaic installations contribute to the sustainability of the quarter.

Rosensteintrio - Mixed Use Development

Status: Under Construction

Date: 2018 -

Site: Stuttgart, Germany

Size: 520 sqm


Isaria Wohnbau.


Community of Gando

200416_Fassade Edeka_Haus C_klein 2.jpg
birds eye_2_2_2_200323.jpg
Haus A.jpg
190715_Haus C_OG1.jpg
Haus C_OG5_Photoshop.jpg
191218_E_2594_Isaria_Bauntrag_Änderungen-A0 quer Lageplan.png
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