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Project from ASP Architects, Stuttgart

The urban guiding idea of the overall concept develops a new building structure as a wooden pavilion, which develops exciting synergies in the landscape inspiring open space. The unique landscape surroundings and the integration of the open spaces develop design guidelines for the new open-air swimming pool that have a lasting impact and at the same time create a sense of identity. Spatial, architectural and also functional approaches can be derived from this as a matter of course, respectfully interacting with each other and strengthening the overall facility. The existing open and natural space can form the stage and the design framework. The result is the image of an architectural language that develops out of the existing site and playfully, almost naturally, incorporates the various functional units. The new wooden pavilion with its clear, compact form becomes a new trademark with recognition value. Invigorating and differentiated indoor and outdoor areas can thus be offered to the bathing guests. Each function and each attraction will find its own special destination, harmoniously embedded in the green landscape, in the surroundings of the place. The placement of the new structure and the necessary open spaces on the existing site requires a highly sensitive use of the available land. The central guiding idea at this exposed location is the embedding of the outdoor pool in the existing urban or landscape space. The urban situation is reflected in a clear, compact structure oriented on all sides. The concept of merging architecture and landscape minimizes the overall sealing of surfaces. A variety of synergies and new possibilities for the use of open space or optional expansion possibilities for a sauna use on the existing property are created. As a result, space is created that is open to new ideas or new uses in the future. The overall concept of the designed landscape allows architecture to merge with nature in the landscape transition at this location. The volume of the building is appropriately reduced by embedding it in the landscape and thus fits harmoniously into the overall urban and landscape situation. The qualities of the existing structure are enhanced and supported by a clear architectural approach. The "new forest pool" consists of a wooden pavilion, a linear pool slab coordinated with it and a green technical hill. The structural facilities are surrounded by a tree-lined sunbathing lawn. The central architectural idea is the embedding of the building structure. The surroundings and the existing trees reinforce this effect. Exciting visual relationships are created between the exterior and interior. The new building arouses the curiosity of the surroundings or the users and radiates a high overall aesthetic effect. A single-story structure is proposed, whose floor slab and intensively greened roof area formally evolve from the landscape lines of the site. The forecourt with the main entrance is formulated by an inviting gesture and is easy to find for the bathers. Passers-by and strollers can already catch a glimpse from the forecourt and marvel at the lively activity in the outdoor pool. At this scenically exposed location, the image of a wooden pavilion in the forest develops conceptually as a matter of course, which is appropriately implemented in a playful abstraction in the natural space. The effect of the association here promises an exciting spatial experience with high recreational value for the bathers. The architectural concept follows the guiding idea to understand designed landscape as spatial staging and to implement it appropriately. The interplay of all structural and landscape considerations will contribute significantly to the revitalization of the spaces. Sustainable materials will sustainably support the atmosphere of a bathing world in the perception of all senses.

Open-air Swimming Pool


Status: Competition (3rd Prize)

Date: 2022-

Site: Waldkraiburg, Germany

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