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Project from ASP Architects, Stuttgart

The depot facility is designed as a "related" overall building block which is characterized by a "landscape frame". The large, necessary vehicle parking areas are set lower and the roofs of the garages are developed from the landscape as accessible earth walls. By lowering and sloping the garage roofs of the depot, an optimal, natural air flow in east-west direction is made possible. This contributes to climate improvement beyond the neighborhood. The administration building facing Feudenheim forms the address of the depot. The depot is accessed from Talstrasse. The yard area with bulk materials and workshops, as well as the main access to the administration building, are accessed via the east-facing external ramp. A secondary access ramp to the north, which is intended exclusively for the use of the Eigenbetrieb [ northern green maintenance 1, provides access to the area of the U-hall. The "garage green roof" extends partially over the north ramp, making it appear more inconspicuous. The main building can also be accessed from the level of the existing site to the south via a staircase and barrier-free pedestrian ramp. The courtyard area including the building block will be lowered by approx. 1.7 m. Under a sloping embankment running around to the north, west and east, the service yard disappears into the park, allowing the administration building to emerge to the south and the U-Hall to the north. At the same time, a natural visual and sound screen is created from the neighboring residential development. All operating vehicles are accommodated under the landscaped edge of the embankment. The embankment, especially the elevation rising gently to the north towards the park and the U-Hall, is seen as a continuation of the park landscape and is accessible to visitors and the public.

Municipal Depot - City Mannheim

Status: Planning in progress

Date: 2021 -

Site: Mannheim, Germany

Size: 31,000m²

Client: GBG City Mannheim

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