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Master Thesis, Stuttgart University

Today's migration to Europe is comparable to the resettlement of populations described by Doug Saunders in his famous book famous book "Arrival City." Here, the newcomers build their own homes without without government assistance, acquire professional and language skills, and create their own create an economic basis for themselves by founding microenterprises. These emerging informal settlements do not serve as an example for European cities - yet we can learn something from them learn from it. This has been investigated in this master's thesis Project. As a design area Berlin has been chosen as it is a good example of an "Arrival City". As a vibrant, socio-economically and ethnically diverse city, Berlin offers various integration platforms that overcome social and political barriers. and political barriers. The design area is located south of the old Berlin city center, bordering the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district with predominantly prefabricated housing estates. The design approach aims to densify the existing fabric and more clearly define urban boundaries. Density and difference bring infrastructure, cultural institutions, knowledge and education, trade and exchange in an economic way. With a focus for community in conglomeration, the building site is divided into six permeable multi-blocks that combine different combines different typologies and a neighborhood courtyard, flexible units flexible units. A development by building groups and cooperatives contributes to the urban vitality by addressing social issues of issues of integration and community, and incorporating mixed-use elements that elements that encourage urban interaction. Shared spaces such as rooftop terraces, event spaces, game rooms, guest rooms, urban gardening also help bring people together, as they do in informal settlements. By merging shared living with work, social or recreational spaces and creating an open interface with the urban fabric, collective living thus functions like a small city within the city.

Arrival city - Inclusive Urbanism for Berlin

Status: Academic Project

Date: 2018 

Site: Berlin, Germany

Size: 520 sqm

Perspective_Green Corridor.jpg
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